How Anna Bey went from Plain Jane to a "JetsetBabe"

How Anna Bey went from Plain Jane to a "JetsetBabe"

A personal beauty transformation story, including Before and After pictures.

In the new YouTube video, you'll see how many changes Anna Bey has been through, including:

  • 15 kg weight-loss,
  • a £10,000 nose job,
  • the right hair extensions.

She's got a lot of return on this investment! 

Once Ms. Bey had transformed herself enough to reach a certain level, she noticed a massive improvement in her life. Particularly in the dating part!

Anna Bey offers luxury lifestyle coaching to women who want to enter the high-society. Her online finishing school "School of Affluence" has been creating headlines in media with titles like "Anna Bey teaches women how to bag a billionaire".


About Anna Bey:  The founder of the School of Affluence and the creator of; a fast growing luxury lifestyle community for women who enjoy the finer things in life. After 13 years of experience with rich people and jet-setting around the world, Anna decided to start an educational platform for women who want to better themselves & navigate successfully in high-society..

About School Of Affluence

School of Affluence is an online finishing school that teaches women elegance and how to navigate in the high-society. 

Founded by Anna Bey who also runs the luxury lifestyle blog

School Of Affluence